ACwork: the ACwork platform creates a complete and effective working environment built around a centralized repository of electronic documents, able to support all the activities typical of a public administration or a company.

Contents: the solution allows to configure a flexible and well-structured working environment, creating a virtual dashboard where you can manage documents, create logical aggregations, manage their contents and share them within your organization in based on user profiles.

Solutions: the solutions implemented ensure:

 Ease and speed in content search

 The definition of the security policy

 The management of logical states of a document

 Document and Content Lifecycle management

 Manage controlled insertion activities in the document System through check, versioning and controlled extraction tools

 Manage and customize the document profile by using customizable index data

 Shaping internal security According to a document-centric policy;


 Configuring structured data through relational database connectors

 Configure the user organization chart and role definitions and access profiles to documents and content

 Implementation of document repositories

 Centralized document management and support for their lifecycle

 Organization, cataloguing, archiving of documents

 Security and confidentiality of the contents

 Sharing and Working Team

 Information retrieval, through indexing and full text searches

 Security and version control

 Logical container creations and logical links between documents

 Managing check-in and check-out of documents

 Log Activity and Reporting.

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