Computer Protocol is a web-based system that provides to public or private body all the functionality to store and to manage a computer protocol

Protocol registration: incoming, outgoing and internal protocols recording, with the possibility to recover the data of the previous recording, to manage the phonebook and the document during the logging;

Protocols search: possibility to search the recorded protocols for each field inserted, to export the list of results to CSV, to print the list of results, to modify some fields, to cancel a protocol, to view the logs of the changes, to attach a document to data-only recordings, view/download the attached document, to apply static office filters, to search for connected protocols;

Report: possibility to print daily protocols, to print the daily incoming protocols (tissue), those relating to a period and to have statistics on the progress of the Protocols;

Filing plan: possibility to insert new entries of holders, to delete or modify them;

Rubric: ability to filter users by category for initial of the name, to make advanced filters,    to insert new users in the phonebook, to delete or modify them;

Dashboard: ability to record reserved protocols and to manage emergency protocols;

Configuration: ability to change the password, to customize the interface, to manage the phonebook, registered BC printers, booking protocols and permits;

Tissue management: possibility to insert a tissue with archiving data automatic email notification system;

Massive archiving of Protocol documents;

Archiving PEC: managing archiving from multiple certified mailboxes, with automatic indexing of main fields and with direct archiving of the email file;

Automatic daily log creation: automatic management of the daily RdP generation as required by the legislation;

Keeping of the daily Protocol Register on a unimatic platform (necessary UNIRPG module);

Automatic handling of PA bills (electronic invoices).

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